USM Haller is the new black

Black, like USM furniture, never goes out of style. Black pieces also share another feature with USM furnishings: they make a perfect investment – from a stylistic as well as an economic perspective.

Possibilities range from the bold experimentalism of an all-black room to the subtle class of black pieces among bright and airy decor. The right solution for your home depends on your aesthetic preferences, the space you have available and any pre-existing furnishings or decorative features that you want to keep. Whether you’re looking for a single piece to revolutionise a familiar environment, or a complete overhaul with an entirely new atmosphere, you can build it with the USM Haller system.

The living room

Black furniture might not be the first thing you think of when redecorating your living room, but there’s no doubt that black pieces can add a sophisticated sheen to living spaces. If you have white or silver media devices such as TVs, radios and music players, black sideboards provide a neat tonal counterpoint. In spaces dominated by white or paler colours, a black bookcase or shelving unit can break up the space and add a little depth. Undercut the smooth elegance of the black furniture with an assortment of brightly coloured books, CDs, and sculptures.

The bedroom

Deepen the calm of your bedroom sanctuary. While open, airy bedrooms are great to wake up to, many of us find it easier to rest in darker environments. A little change can make all the difference, with a single USM Haller wardrobe finished in black that delivers a rich depth to the room, as well as a stylish new home for your clothes. Incorporate the lighting elements of the USM Haller E for smooth illumination that adds effortless elegance. Bring stylistic unity to the room with matching bedside tables or other pieces of furniture that continue the theme – a black upholstered arm chair is ideal.

The home office

Particularly if you ever host clients or collaborators in your home office, the high-end sophistication of black furniture can pay dividends. Here a monochrome approach can be especially effective: a black desk, chair and storage pieces stand out beautifully against clean white decoration. The black furniture also forms an ideal marriage with varnished hard wood to create a sophisticated executive atmosphere. Keep the desk and surrounding areas neat and tidy with smart accessories for tidying tables.

The kitchen

Black furniture has the air of solidity and reliability that you want from a kitchen. Keep the space open and welcoming with accents in brighter colours – yellow is a classic pairing. The combination of black pieces with glass elements is a beautiful one: the pairing feels stylish and high-quality, while the glass undercuts the black’s strength. For kitchens featuring extensive black furniture, a brightly-coloured table or kitchen island can fill this role perfectly: bold yellow or orange is ideal.

The bathroom

Black pieces in the bathroom are at their most powerful when contrasting with other materials and hues. Light woods, glass, and brightly coloured soft furnishings all play perfect counterpoint to the cool elegance of shelving pieces or drawers finished in black and USM chrome. Make the most of the contrast with other dashes of black in the design – whether from bath mats, curtains or plant pots.

Create beautiful pieces of furniture finished in black (or other colours) for your own home with the USM Haller collection. Get in touch with one of our experts to craft completely unique pieces. 

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