USM Haller & Haller E

USM's Haller system provides the modularity needed to design individual and timelessly stylish furnishings. But this classic evolves with the times. Add on new integrated lighting system for USM's Haller System - Haller E - fully equipped with the aid of specially developed e-balls, e-connectors and e-tubes an electric current is routed through the structure to the desired location.

Cordless, dimmable, modular - the classic in a new light.

Built In Lighting

USM Haller E Incorporates discreet and streamlined lighting features into the very frame of your furniture.
Interchangeable lighting modules sit flush with the furniture's frame. When turned off, they're virtually invisible.

Cast your office or home in a whole new light with the latest evolution in USM's iconic modular furniture system.

Cable - Free

Building on USM Haller's Iconic modular ball-and-tube frame, a unique innovation allows power to flow through
the furniture's structure itself.

Only a single connector leads from a low-down point in the unit to the power socket – the rest of the unit is completely cable free.

All in one Charging

In addition to lighting elements, you can purchase e-USB-Chargers for mobile devices as well as dummy elements
designed to subtly hide the empty slots.

Finishing & Specifiations

Explore the array of types of panels, drawers, doors and colours that can be mixed to fit any interior.

Metal Panel
Perforated Panel
Acoustic Panel
Glass Panel
Metal Angled Shelf
Metal Extension Shelf
Metal Divider Shelf
Glass Divider Shelf
Lower Drawer
A6 Drawer
A5 Drawer
A4 Drawer
Acoustic Drawer
Hanging File Basket
Metal Extension Door
Metal Drop Down Door
Acoustic Flip Up Door
Acoustic Drop Down Door
Metal Flip-Up Door
Acoustic Extension Door
Glass Door