Bedside Manners

We all have different routines when it comes to going to bed and waking up in the morning. Let USM Haller play a part in your morning routine.

Furniture to fit your home

he USM Haller system has 8 different tube sizes, to give you the building blocks to design a piece of furniture for your home.

Discover USM in a new light

The London showroom and office reached a new audience of architects and designers in the capital’s most popular design district.

USM Haller is the new black

Black, like USM furniture, never goes out of style. Black pieces also share another feature with USM furnishings: they make a perfect investment – from a stylistic as well as an economic perspective.

Zuishōji Temple

Founded in 1670, Zuishōji Temple is a historic religious building, also known for its modern quarters designed for the local priest and designed by the famous Japanese architect Kengo Kuma.

Japanese Artist Haroshi

Since I carve skateboards for my work, dust inevitably accumulates in the room, but the USM Haller displays the work in a perfect state. By placing it here, how it is perceived changes.

Coperni pop-up x USM

Paris Fashion Week saw Sebastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant celebrate the comeback of their brand Coperni with an ephemeral showroom, two years after leaving the artistic direction of the Courreges brand.

The Forge’s photographic studio nook

Ultimately though it’s the product’s chameleon-like quality he particularly appreciates. ‘Once you have it in an environment it absolutely blends in,’ he concludes. ‘It completely absorbs its surroundings.’

Allpress coffee roasters

New Zealand-based coffee roasters and espresso specialists Allpress have a simple overriding philosophy: “designed simply to be trusted completely”. It’s a philosophy that describes USM furniture and the new Allpress Roastery and Café in Shoreditch, London.

Louis Vuitton Foundation

When it came to equipping all of the Foundation’s offices, USM furniture was the natural choice. In addition to the requirement of quality and image, the furniture had to offer the best possible functionality in spaces where dimensions matched the singular shape of the building.